>QuickTime 7.3 Posted: Better or Worse than 7.2?

>Apple just posted QuickTime 7.3 for all platforms. I’m still on 7.1.x on many of my machines because of numerous reported problems with 7.2.

If you’ve been brave enough to update and are seeing problems, please post a comment.

- Jonas

8 Responses to >QuickTime 7.3 Posted: Better or Worse than 7.2?

  1. Rick

    >Loaded it up the day it came out on my 24″ iMac running 10.4.10

    So far so good. I’m doing a bunch of renders tomorrow from AE. I’ll let you know if I have any major issues.

  2. Jonas Hummelstrand


    Great, thanks for sharing! I’m still on 7.1 on XP, but I guess OS X Leopard was shipped with 7.2 (I’m booted into XP right now.)

  3. Nicklas

    >So far so good for me. Just an Avid codec problem in Leopard but works fine in XP. QT player shows black video when playing DNxHD clips, but AE shows the file fine. Hope it will be an Codec update soon from Avid.

  4. SBG

    >I just got done with a FCP vs AE / C4D gamma fight that lasted way too long. The solution was to use Photoshop sequences and convert them to ProRes for the final edit. I’m really disappointed with Apple’s lack of attention to detail on these things. How many times can you let the same problem go out the door before you start remembering to check for it?

  5. Anonymous

    >I had serious issues with Quicktime 7.3 inside Vista. That same old import problem that plagued Quicktime updates on XP. After rolling back to 7.1 everything is fine again.

  6. BilletHQ

    >Oh Apple,
    why do you make
    QuickTime Slow

  7. Aaron Weiler

    >I’ve been experiencing problems playing back certain QuickTime MOV files created prior to 7.3 for weeks after upgrading (I’m on a Mac), then I finally stumbled upon this blog with a potential fix for the problem… BOOM… issue rsolved. I hope Apple issues 7.3.1 to fix the bug. I haven’t noticed any issues with my FCP wrapped QuickTimes, though.


  8. Anonymous

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