>Smooth FCP Playback of HDV and XDCAM Renders from AE

>Apparently XDCAM and QuickTime HDV renders from After Effects will cause Final Cut Pro to choke and skip frames on playback.

The current workaround is to render to QuickTime’s Animation codec and either let FCP render that clip in the timeline, or open the clip in QuickTime Player Pro and export it from there to an HDV file that you then import into FCP.

- Jonas

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3 Responses to >Smooth FCP Playback of HDV and XDCAM Renders from AE

  1. Anonymous

    >I´v noticed!

    It workt great in FCP 5.1.1 from AE 7.0
    but for some reason FCP 5.1.4 don´t get it!

    Do you know if the problem is solved in FCP 6.0?


  2. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >I believe this problem comes from FCP using some new part of the QuickTime engine that hasn’t yet been implemented by the AE team. Let’s hope this comes in a future AE release.

  3. Anonymous

    >i’ve been working with XDCAM HD with FCP 5.1.4 and 6. AE7 and CS3. the animation export seems to work just fine for me in my experience. export in AE with animation and drop it in FCP and render.
    as a side note i’m hoping that xdcam clams up. i think it’s a terrible product and i think sony knows it since they are releasing xdcam ex. it’s been so problematic at our production house. it just creates more problems than solves them.