>Ten Years of Interviews with the Prime Minister Airs Tonight

>Tonight at 8 PM it will air, the first of four 1-hour episodes with secret interviews with Sweden’s Prime minister for the last eight years. I was lucky to be asked to provide the graphics for this show, which will be all that the Swedish media will cover in the next week.

It’s really quite simple, just a freeze-frame from an SD video with some heavy color correction, some text (modified for lower-case numerals) set in Orator, some Trapcode Particular and a bit of time. Also, there are about 350 lower-thirds created with a modified version of Dale Bradshaw’s excellent After Effects script so I could generate all signs (just the AE project files weighed 360 MB.)

Since the project started over ten years ago, the Avid project was setup as 4:3, and everything was stretched to 16:9 in the color correction (done in a Valhall.) Therefore I had to provide both letterboxed 4:3 versions (use in the offline) as well as anamorphic 16:9 (added after the CC in the online) renders of all graphics, which was easy enough by using two Output modules, one with a negative “Stretch” (to get the letterboxing) in the Render Queue.

Official site (in Swedish)

- Jonas

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