>The Best Graphics Training Available Enters Term 4

>If you only give yourself one thing this year, here’s my advice: sign up for the new term of fxphd, the highest-level graphics training available online. Term 4 is just about to start (even though you can sign up later) with a bunch of interesting classes lined up. Not only do you get great classes, you also get real-world footage to work with (like 1080P motion control passes of miniatures shot by the DoP of “Superman Returns”) that you can use on your showreel.

I’ve been a member since term 1, and even though I haven’t been able to follow all the classes (the day only has 24 hours) my collection of classes is safely backup up on several drives, as I plan on keeping them for reference for a long time. I’ve even put them all on my iPod so I can learn something new every day.

Trust me, this is the best $300 you’ll ever spend!

Complete Term Course Listing

  • AFX221 – After Effects Design and More
  • BKD204 – Background Fundamentals
  • DRW201 – Character Drawing and Development
  • FCP211 – Intermediate Final Cut Pro II
  • FLM101 – Introduction to Flame
  • FLM201 – Introduction to Expressions
  • MAX101 – 3DS Max for Compositors
  • MAX201 – Advanced Rendering and Mental Ray
  • MYA203 – Intermediate Maya III
  • PNT201 – Matte Painting Production Techniques
  • PSD203 – Photoshop CS3
  • SHK101 – Introduction to Shake
  • SHK201 – Intermediate Shake I
  • RTO201 – Rotoscoping Techniques
  • TOX101 – Introduction to Toxik I
  • TOX102 – Introduction to Toxik II

When you sign up, please enter “humlan” in your sign-up form under “Referring Member,” which will give me access to an extra class (hmm, should I take the “Silhouette Roto” class or the “Matte Painting” class?)

fxphd tour movie

Podcast that discusses the different classes

- Jonas

3 Responses to >The Best Graphics Training Available Enters Term 4

  1. Anonymous

    >I absolutely second this motion. fxPHD is an excellent resource that I would recommend to anyone. Fantastic high-level training that isn’t available in this very interactive format, if at all, in other places.

    I’ve been doing it since the first semester and plan on sticking with it. My main problem is that I also don’t have enough time to keep up with the classes with my 9 to 5.

    Good call, Jonas.

    – Nathan Shipley

  2. Danny

    >i agree as well, entering my second term.

    its one thing to read a book or watch a DVD, but having the abillity to interact with someone like Mark Christiansen in his class i invaluable.

    see you there

    danny princz- rendernyc

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