>Troubleshooting After Effects (all versions)

>Having problems, crashes or installation errors with After Effects 7.0 or After Effects CS3 (8.0) or CS4 (9.0)? Here’s a collection of tried and true remedies, but before you start reinstalling and trashing things, make sure you’ve tried to locate what part of your AE project is causing the problems.

Start by isolating the problem:

  1. What is causing this problem, and when does the problem occur? Every time you import something, every time you render to a specific codec, everytime you apply a certain effect? Can you reproduce the problem by doing something, or is it random?
  2. What did you do just before the problem occured? Can that operation have caused the problem? Can you do the same thing in another way without seeing the error?
  3. Does your rendering/preview fail at the same frame on both previews and renders? Isolate that layer with the solo switch and turn off every effect and then turn them on one-by-one.
  4. Does the error occur in all projects or just one? If in just one, what is special about it?
  5. Does the error occur on other machines with the same version of AE/plugins/drivers? If so, what is unique about this machine?
  6. Does it happen without third-party plugins? Are the third-party plugins compatible with CS3? Do you have a third-party video card such as AJA or Decklink? Have you updated those drivers?
  7. Have you changed anything about the system lately? Installed a new codec, driver, software or hardware? Try to revert your changes and see if the problem disappears.
  8. Do a search with specific keywords from any error messages you get. Enclose terms that have more than one word with quotation marks. Here’s a good example:
    “image buffer” “after effects”

Workarounds to common problems:

  1. If you hold down the Shift key while opening an old project you will force AE to close all comp viewers, so if one of the comps are causing problems you will be able to identify which comp it is.
  2. You can also try to import the project instead of opening it.
  3. A third solution is to move all source files into a new folder so that AE can’t find them, and then locate each source file separately by choosing “Replace footage -> File…” so that you can isolate which source is causing problems.
  4. If you are getting rendering errors it might be the codec that is hogging RAM. If you enable “Purge every 20 frames during Make Movie” you will probably get around the problem. You can do this in the Secret preferences by holding down the Shift key and then select Preferences… from the menu. In the Preferences dialog box you can then choose the “Secret” option that will give you hidden features (they are hidden since they will cause AE to render more slowly.)
    Don’t enable the other checkboxes, just write “20″ in the text field. Also, make sure you enable the “Prevent DLL Address Space Fragmentation” under “Memory & Caches” if your on a Windows system.
  5. If you are working with large compositions, images and video files, you may get an error message about creating the image buffer. Here’s a tutorial on how to work around that problem.

OK, that didn’t work?

Bigger problem-solving tools:
1. If you’ve had any of Adobe’s public beta software installed previously, uninstall them and then use the Adobe CS3Clean Script.
If you’re on Mac OS X you can’t just throw the program folder into the Trash. I repeat: you can’t just throw the program folder into the Trash. Instead, in your Applications/Utilities folder, you’ll find an uninstaller called (for example) Premiere Pro Setup that you must use to completely uninstall any CS3 program.

2. Check that your system harddrive and the harddrive where you store your After Effects project and footage aren’t full, and then run a disk check to make sure they aren’t damaged.

3. Run Adobe Updater to see if there are any updates or patches. You can find a menu item called Updates… in the Help or the After Effects menus.

4. Uninstall QuickTime and then restart your computer.

5. Uninstall any third-party video and audio codecs for QuickTime and Windows Media, such as XviD, DivX, FFDShow, BlackMagic, Aja, Avid, Flip4Mac, etcetera. Restart your computer.

6. Reinstall the latest version of QuickTime (unless it is version 7.2.0 or 7.4, which are notoriously buggy.) Restart your computer.

7. Update your graphics card’s drivers. If you’re on Windows you can download them from the manufacturer of your graphics card’s website, such as nvidia.com. If you’re on OS X, make sure you’re using the latest OS X version by choosing “Software Update…” from your Apple menu. Restart your computer.

8. Remove all non-system fonts (a corrupt font file can cause all kinds of problems.)
On Windows they are found here:
C:\Documents and Settings\XXXYOUR_USER_NAMEXXX\Application Data\Adobe\Fonts

and on OS X the fonts can be in a lot of places.

9. Rebuild After Effects preference file (all you preference settings will be lost, unfortunately) by pressing and holding down Cmd-Opt-Shift / Ctrl-Alt-Shift directly after you’ve clicked the AE icon.

10. If you are still having problems, close AE and then remove the “OpenGL3D.AEX” plugin from the plugins folder found at
/Applications/Adobe After Effects XXXVersion NumberXXX/Plug-ins/Support Files/Standard/Extensions

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects XXXVersion NumberXXX\Support Files\Plug-ins\Standard\Extensions

Other tips & tricks:

How to install CS3 programs
I’ve written some tips for optimal installation of Adobe’s CS3 software.

“License has expired”
If you get the dreaded error “The license has expired” with any of the CS3 applications, you have probably forgot to deactivate a previous Adobe product. A temporary fix is to set back the date on your computer if you just need to get through a deadline, and then reinstall at a later date.

Some users have also reported that installing the “Licensing Service Update” for Acrobat 8 via Adobe Updater (accessible by choosing “Updates…” in the Help menu) will solve a lot of licensing problems.

Finding and installing plug-ins
Most plugins will install into a subfolder of:


C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects XXXVersion NumberXXX\Support Files\Plug-ins\Extensions

/Applications/Adobe After Effects XXXVersion NumberXXX/Plug-ins/

However, some plugins will install themselves into a common folder to make themselves available in both Premiere Pro and After Effects, found here:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\XXXVersion NumberXXX\MediaCore\

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/XXXVersion NumberXXX/MediaCore/

Slow performance on multi-core machines without enough RAM
After Effects CS3 8.0 and 8.0.1 had multiprocessing performance issues with multi-core machines, especially high-end 8-core hardware. This was fixed in the 8.0.2 update.
When all 8 cores try to render a complex or memory intensive composition with Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously, the application can become memory starved if each process has insufficient memory. If you have less than 2 GB of available RAM per CPU core, your hard drive will be used as temporary RAM which is at least 100 times slower than real RAM.

To remedy this, there is a text preference in the preference file to control the maximum number of cores that Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously will use.
Open the text preference file and look in the ["MP"] section for:
“MaxNumberOfProcesses” = “0″

“0″ is the default setting, which means that all available CPU cores will be used. Calculate how much RAM you have available for After Effects (don’t count the RAM used by your operating system.) If you have 8 cores and 8 GB of free RAM, change the setting to “4″ so that 4 CPU cores will be used and so they will each receive 2 GB of RAM.
Save the preference file and restart After Effects.

You can find the preference file Adobe After Effects 8.0 Prefs.txt in the directory (on Windows):
C:\Documents and Settings\XXXYOUR_LOGIN_NAMEXXX\Application Data\Adobe\After Effects\8.0
…or for OS X:

/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/8.0/

Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
On Windows, the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) may cause crashes at startup. You can disable it so that AE can start properly.

Icons not working
On Windows Vista all CS3 applications can refuse to start when you click their icons. This can easily be fixed by updating the Acrobat 8 licensing service.

Image buffer problems
Here’s a blog post about how to avoid image buffer problems.

Flickering interface, buttons and menues that flash and don’t work
Microsoft’s IntelliPoint software is known to cause the GUI in After Effects to flash and flicker. Just uninstall IntelliPoint and everything will start working properly (and you IntelliPoint mouse and keyboard will still work!)

No sound or audio in previews and renders
AE doesn’t play sound when you do a Spacebar playback. In fact, this is the most common mistake (I think this is actually AE’s fault, all other applications use Spacebar) new users make. Instead of Spacebar, do a RAM Preview with the 0 key on the numerical keypad. You’ll get both realtime playback and sound (after rendering of course!)

If you just want the hear the audio, use the period/comma key on the numerical keypad.

You can also scrub the timeline and hear the audio if you hold down the Ctrl or Cmd key, and if you hold down the Alt or Option key, you’ll stop the comp viewer from updating so you can scrub faster.

Still not hearing any sound? Do the video files have sound when you play them in something like VLC, QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player? If other programs can’t play the audio, you can’t blame After Effects…

Do you see a green waveform under the preview in the Project panel? If not, AE can’t read the audio track.

Try to apply the “Tone” effect to a layer and do a RAM Preview (numpad-0) and you should hear a tone. If you don’t hear anything, make sure your Sound preferences inside AE is set to the correct audio card and output. If you use something like a BlackMagic or AJA card, they tend to route the audio to the card’s outputs instead of through your normal audio output.

Check that you have the Sound button enabled in the Time Controls panel to hear the sound when you do a RAM Preview.

Select the layer which is supposed to have sound in the Timeline and hit LL on your keyboard to display a waveform. If no waveform is showing AE can’t see the audio in the file.

Finally, when you render, do you have “Sound” enabled in the Output Module in your Render Queue?

A good workaround if AE can’t read the audio track is to use QuickTime Player Pro to export just the sound as an separate WAV or AIFF file.

Slow and sluggish performance and GUI with GeForce 8800 GPU’s
There’s a newly discovered bug that only seems to affect Windows users with nVidia’s GeForce 8800 graphics cards. The entire user interface in both After Effects CS3 and Encore DVD CS3 becomes slow and sluggish.
Some people have reported that a workaround is to use the programs logged in to a non-administrator account, but if you have these problems, please file a bug report.

Still having problems?
If you’re still having problems, here’s Adobe’s own trouble-shooting tips for version 7.0:
Troubleshoot system errors or freezes in After Effects (7.0 on Mac OS X)
Troubleshoot system errors or freezes in After Effects (7.0 on Windows XP)

…and for version CS3:
Render fails on a computer with 8 or more processor cores
Troubleshoot OpenGL problems in After Effects CS3
Troubleshoot crashes, system errors, and freezes (After Effects CS3 on Mac OS X)
Troubleshoot installation problems After Effects CS3 (Mac OS X)
Troubleshoot installation problems After Effects CS3 (Windows Vista)
Troubleshoot installation problems After Effects CS3 (Windows XP)
Error “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error…” or crash when you install (Windows XP)
Freeze or crash when you start on a system with Realtek HD Audio (Windows XP)

…and version CS4:
Serial number not working

Remember, you have the entire (and up-to-date) manual available at LiveDocs (it can also be downloaded as a PDF, plus tips and tutorials on the Community Help page.

Create a detailed log and report the bug to the After Effects team
If everything above fails, you can have AE create a log file for each session, but please note that AE will run slower because it has to write every operation into the text file, so make sure you remove/rename the file after you have had a crash!

Place an empty text file called After Effects Log.txt in the directory (on Windows):
C:\Documents and Settings\XXXYOUR_LOGIN_NAMEXXX\Application Data\Adobe\After Effects\8.0

…or for OS X:
/Users/XXXYOUR_LOGIN_NAMEXXX/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/8.0/

You can look in that log what the last twenty or so operations were and possibly get a clue what went wrong. You can then look at the great list of the often cryptic error codes that Mylenium is regularly updating with helpful tips on what the errors mean.

Make sure you also post a bug report to Adobe.

- Jonas

61 Responses to >Troubleshooting After Effects (all versions)

  1. Greg

    >I just went through hours of hell with my setup. Constant crashes trying to reopen a project I had been working on. Finally dumped my Avid codecs, and everything works flawlessly again.

    Hopefully, Avid can update their legacy codecs to be more AE friendly.

    Great tips!

  2. Jonas Hummelstrand


    I render to the Avid Meridien codecs almost every day on Windows. I haven’t been so lucky with the same codecs at home on OS X, I tried the other day and couldn’t open a rendering, but I haven’t had time to trouble-shoot it further.

  3. Michael

    >Does anybody now how to solve the preview icon bug, the sometimes curious behaviour of the expression editor, crashes while extensive use of expressions, the still remaining „hiding app bug“ in 7.0.1, the miserable mouse scroll implementation and the unexpected deactivation of expressions after resorting layers?

    CS3 beta seems to be much more stable. So AE7 sometimes feels like an alpha version…

  4. Jonas Hummelstrand


    Haven’t heard of, or experienced your first three bugs, and I know that at least the most common OS X-only hiding bug was fixed with 7.0.1.

    Concerning mouse scroll, I don’t know what implementation you are referring to, but unfortunately it is still not as fast to scroll with the mouse wheel in the Timeline window in CS3 as it was in 6.5.

    The deactivation of expressions is another bug I haven’t heard of.

    Make sure you report bugs you find by sending a detailed description of your hardware/OS, the project file and a description of the bug to aebugs@adobe.com

  5. Anonymous

    >hi jonas,

    did you checked out the massive Quicktime 7.2 Issue going around?

    This would be worth to mention before you recommend downloading the latest QT update (ergo 7.2).

    Macfixit has a large thread about it.


  6. Puneet brar

    >So OK, I went into my Documents and Settings\Application Data\Adobe\After Effects\7.0 and threw everything out and then restarted After Effects and there she was, back up and running and showing up on my VT4 switcher. So I guess it was the AfterFX7.ini file that had to be wiped. Kind of like C3PO from the Star Wars was always getting his mind wiped. Whatever, now I’m back in business! I hope this helps some poor soul like myself.

    puneet brar


  7. bngiii

    >Okay kids, I have tried everyones “fix” for this extremely disturbing problem and have come to the conclusing that it has something to do with your footage. I can load up any old project and play with it with no problems. My new project (captured with PPro) will not function. It plays in any other app, but crashes AE 6.5. Try recapturing or ;( rerendering your animation. Hope this helps.

  8. Jonas Hummelstrand


    Thanks for your comment, however I have no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps you posted in the wrong place?

    Best regards,

  9. goh

    >puneet brar
    U are my angle!!!
    I had tried anything i could to solve this AE Crashed problem but won’t work!
    After follow your instruction:
    Delete all things inside C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Adobe\After Effects\8.0 folder, the crashed problem solved!!!!
    Thanks a lot!

  10. Anonymous

    >hmm…. I can’t enable SECRET PREFERENCES by holding down SHIFT on the Mac CS3 version… is it a different keystroke?

    Do you choose GENERAL under the Preferences?…. simply holding SHIFT and then clicking on PREFERENCES doesn’t yield any results… nor does holding SHIFT while clicking GENERAL under Preferences doesn’t seem to work either.

  11. Anonymous

    >I even can’t go to setup…
    When i click setup.exe, it pop-up for 2-3 seconds and then it quits…
    Somebody an answer to this?

  12. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Hold down the Shift key BEFORE you choose “Preferences”

    Then look in the drop-down inside Preferences and you’ll see the item.

  13. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Is this the “setup.exe” found on the installer disc? In that case, you should first check that your computer meets the minimum requirements, and then contact Adobe’s free installation support.

    If you’ve downloaded this from some unreliable source, then you are on your own. Who knows, you might have just added your computer to the growing network of spam-senders? Congratulations…

  14. Anonymous

    >Hi, I just wanted to say that this post should be renamed… ‘Taming After Effects – The Bible’.

    Thanks for all the hard work and research.

  15. I love Pizza

    >Running Adobe After Effects 7.0 or 7.1.4

    Alright you get the error while running in which mode?
    Win 98?
    Win XP?

    In Windows 98 mode
    This should allow you to import files

    In Windows XP mode
    This should allow you to export files

    I changed the compatibility mode in the preferences for AfterFX.exe file I also clicked on “Show Settings For All Users” and changed the compatibility mode there as well.

    I hope this helps

  16. Anonymous

    >I have had a problem with opengl crashing AE constantly – couldn’t even start ae sometimes. I fixed it when I found cs3 had installed 2 ae_opengl.aex files – in plugins/format and plugins/extensions. They both had different dates so I removed the aex from format and put it in my adobe root folder for safe keeping and it all ran perfect after that.


    hope this helps someone.


  17. Anonymous

    >i have a poblem with the render feature.
    i cannot render all quick time compresors. all other formts can be rendered.
    every time i try to render with “sorenson video 3″ -an error accures :” bad parameter (-50) (44::36.
    i tried everything.
    i deleted the ae, quick time and even formated my computer.
    then installed another ae version- to 7 unstead of 7 pro.
    and nothing works.
    please help!!!

  18. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Do you really need “Sorensen 3?” It is such an old (and outdated) codec that Apple has even hidden it in QuickTime 7.4. I think it might have something to do with that codec only supporting certain framerates and resolutions.

    If you really need to render to it, try rendering to QuickTime Animation@100% or Photo JPEG @ 95-100% from AE and then export that movie to Sorensen 3 from QuickTime Pro ($29.)

  19. Anonymous

    >where is located the preference file to set the MaxNumberOfProcesses to 4?


  20. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >I just updated the blog post with the path to the preference file!

  21. Anonymous


  22. Anonymous


    uninstalling video codecs helped for me!

  23. matthew

    >Does anyone know of, or can point me too, some decent audio posts about after effects? I get NO audio ever, not even in RAM preview, and every where I look that’s the only answer I get. Believe me, I ram preview, no audio. Any format, as part of any file, no audio will work in AE. Any suggestions?

  24. Jonas Hummelstrand


    Post your question in the AE User-to-User forum: http://adobeforums.com/

    It’s a quite common question and the answer is often found either in the turned off speaker button in the Time Controls panel or in the Audio preferences.

  25. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >I’ve just updated this post with the basic steps for trouble-shooting audio problems in AE. Enjoy!

  26. AlbinKlein

    >Thank you very much, finally I can use After Effects…the deleting non standard fonts did the trick!


  27. AlbinKlein

    >Nope, it didn’t, what it stopped from crasch all the time was the option at the memory preferences about the dlll fragmentation….

    Unchecked and fixed..now I can use AF/X

    Thank you anyway.

  28. Anonymous

    >I have a problem with After effects CS3.when i take the Animation->Browse presets->,the 3d models which is i selected ,its taking time to appear in rigt side box.in another computer its coming very fast..what should i do for rectifying this problem..pls help asap


  29. Kat

    >I did something that calls for the darwin award. I wanted to uninstall aftereffects so i deleted it from my applications folder. Then proceeded to reinstall it upon which it said i still had aftereffects. So I do a search and found all the aftereffects files and deleted them. Still couldn’t reinstall it. It was then the terrible dread sunk in and I realized I should have Add and Removed it through Utilities. It was a terrible mistake. How can I remove it from my mac without doing a cs3clean?

  30. Uncle Ven

    >good advice here- need to read it all fully.

    I had AE CS3 crashing last night and had to do went to adobe update page

    and did the Camera Raw 4.4.1 update

    replaced the Camera Raw.8bi file in plug ins and now it works without the 4 start up errors I kept getting.

  31. krs10joy

    >I have the 8 core rendering problem, but when I open the txt file under the “MP” section all it says is “enable MP” = “0″. Any idea why there’s no “MaxNumberOfProcesses” = “0″

    I’m having a heck of a time with image buffer errors and I’ve tried everything.

  32. kent

    >Quick question – I’m having the ‘crash upon render’ problem, and have isolated it to quicktime.

    So what happens if I unistall my Avid QT codecs – won’t that whack my Media Composer software? I kind of need both…


  33. Anonymous

    >Thanks – so far so good or the delete prefs at startup suggestion – it undid whatever was causing the “Unknown Error” message at startup.

  34. Benjamin Thomson

    >I had the unknown exception error on mac os leopard 10.55 and resetting my preferences fixed the problem. Thanks!

  35. Jabez

    >hi bros…

    My AE CS3 consistently crash no matter watever file i try to import .avi .mov .jpg .psd…
    BUT, I can merely open .aep file and work with it… funny!!!

    I have already tried following methodes,
    1) Uninstall/install AE, as well as reinstall my OS
    2) I delete this folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\”My Name”\Application Data\Adobe\After Effects\8.0\

    After all, my After Effect CS3 still crash… Can any master down here can help me on this matter?!

    Thank you in advanced!

  36. PokemaxST

    >My setup.exe must be corrupted.When I click on it and it says that “Adobe Setup has encountered a problem and needs to close.” and that’s it.Can anyone help me out here?

  37. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >jabez and pokemaxst,

    Please contact Adobe’s free support for these kinds of issues which are really hard to solve via a web forum.

    You can find the local number at http://adobe.com/support/

  38. Anonymous

    >AE CS4 will not launch. “After Effects warning: Unknown Exception”. It worked right after installation on 11-10 but not since. Uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted 2x yesterday. New Mac Leopard with Master Collection CS4. Please help!

  39. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >These kinds of issues are really hard to solve via the web. Please contact Adobe’s supprt, find your local phone number at http://adobe.com/support/

  40. Ali Saad Ali

    im using AF CS3
    it is new BUT when im trying to export my project as a video file
    in the file>export> i cant find any video type just swf and premier and clip note :( so plz help me

  41. Anonymous

    >THANK YOU!!!!
    I just purchased CS4 and AE was giving me the ‘unknown exception’
    when starting… after googling this error, I found this site and
    by deleting my preferences, AE finally worked….

    (but now I’m wondering if this was the same problem for AE-CS3, and maybe I didn’t need to buy CS4) oh well :) mocha tracker should be worth the upgrade!

    thanks again for sharing your information!

  42. Anonymous

    >good work. thanks for the valuable info. i learned how to preview my sound. saves me tones of time!

  43. Anonymous

    >hi all,
    we’ve been having the strangest problem with AE CS4. We’ve been animating puppets made up of photoshop layers and for some strange reason when we re-open the project some of the heads of the puppets have shifted. when we go into the layer comps the pieces are there but in a different place. does anyone know why this is happening? How can we prevent it from shifting? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  44. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Sounds like it might be because of pixel-aspect ratio differences. Have you edited any of the sources in Photoshop or Illustrator, perhaps? Check the “Interpretation” of the source files in AE’s project panel. I’d recommend only working with square pixel sources and then, if needed for broadcast, stretch the final comp for output.

  45. Anonymous

    >Hi Jonas,
    Thanks for responding so quickly. All the sources were done in Photoshop. This morning, I re-imported the files and somewhat started from scratch. This time everything went smoothly, no shifting. I think what happened was the new photoshop files were placed in the old Photoshop comps (I’m revising someone else’s work) causing the aspect ratio difference. You are correct, this is what was causing the problem.
    Thanks again!

  46. camtemp

    >Hi Jonas,

    I’ve been using AE since it was called Cosa, and Maya since Version 5. I just got a new Mac Pro with 16 gigs of Ram, and for some reason BOTH AE and Maya crash when i try to use all of the processors.
    For example, if i turn on “Multiprocessing” in AE’s prefs, it crashes on startup… (yes it’s upgraded)
    And if I ask Maya to render with anything more than 7 processors, it also crashes. I’m asking this question all over the place- have you heard of this issue with the new Nehalem processors?
    Can’t figure this one out…

    thanks in advance for any suggestions,

  47. Mike

    >Hi, I've just installed AE CS3 but whenever I try to run it, I just get the following error:
    "After Effects can't continue: sorry, After Effects has crashed. See http://www.adobe.com/support/products/aftereffects.html for known issues. [...] (0 :: 42)"

    First, I tried temporarily removing the AE_OpenGL.AEX plug-in, but that didn't work.
    Then, I've tried deleting my preferences, but wasn't expecting much of it since I haven't been able to run AE even a single time. Ergo, it didn't solve the problem.
    I also tried to delete Quicktime, since I read that this might help. I've never been able to run Quicktime correctly (everytime I try to play a QT-video with it, all I got was a flickering green-pink screen in the player) so I thought that this might actually be the real issue. Unfortunately, it turns out that I can't delete Quicktime due to a "Unresolvable problem during installation".
    Can someone PLEASE help me?


  48. Mike

    >I've decided to just delete the QT-folder on my pc and then tried to launch AE. IT WORKED!
    So everyone who is having this problem: I strongly recommend to check your version of Quicktime. If it is a version 7, you should probably try uninstalling it or removing the folder if can't uninstall and then try to launch AE. If it works, install an older version of QT, since they seem to be less malicious and bugged. I'd go for the 6.5 version. But if you don't want to, you don't have to install Quicktime. You will still be able to run After Effects, although you will miss out on the Quicktime features in AE.

    Anyhow, I hope this works for some people!

  49. Radha Pandey

    >I am having trouble importing files from a mac to a windows system. Are there any compatibility issues with AE CS3 files from Mac to AE CS3 for windows?

  50. Scott

    >I have been running Adobe After Effects CS4 and Premiere Pro CS4 for the past few months and had no problem at all, until one day BOTH applications decide not to work. I do not know if there was something I did with uninstalling or installing new software, but I did run System Restore and Norton's GoBack to try to repair the problem before it's time. Neither one of the tries were satisfied, and I have tried everything from running scans for adware, malware and spyware through ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Windows Defender and Uniblue SpyEraser, but none of these have accomplished anything as well. I have also ran Uniblue's Registry Booster and RegCure, but neither are fixing the problem.

    Since I thought that there was something wrong with the application itself, I uninstalled both programs and ran the Adobe CS3Clean Script to remove any previous version of products. Installed both applications and rebooted the pc. I'm still coming up with the same statup stalls. The probem is that with both applications, they stall or freeze on the splash screen and do nothing elese. They do show to be running inside my task manager, but that's all it shows.

    Does anyone have any fix ideas for this or is this caused by Microsoft? I have submitted to Adobe over a month ago and have not recieved one reply from them yet.

    Thank you

    OS: WinXP Pro System Pack 3 (x86/32-bit)
    Chip: Pentium 4 3.40GHz
    RAM: 4GB
    Graphics: ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 8500

  51. Jonas Hummelstrand


    My first instinct is that you either have a disk problem which may have caused file corruption in any of the number of files that are required (it may even be in a system file) or that there's something wrong with your graphics driver.

    I would suggest that you actually make a clean install (by even formatting your drive.) It's a pain, but at least you know that you will have a fresh, snappy and clean system when you are done. Trying to "put band-aid on the wound" will eventually take longer and still not get you a stable foundation to build on. Remember to visit Windows Update until it doesn't report any more updates…

    Also, remember to de-activate your Adobe serial numbers first (done from the Help menu inside the apps.)

    I don't know how you contacted Adobe, but I've understood that the best way is to contact them via phone. You can find a local number at: http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/

    Like I said, I'd rather re-install than hope that someone over the phone will be able to magically fix your problem.

  52. Anonymous

    >I am getting A "after effects warning: couldn't open quick time video output component" at start up… any suggestions? – Brent

  53. Jonas Hummelstrand


    Sounds like you have old or corrupt video output drivers on your system (used by After Effects to output the comp viewer to an external monitor.) If you have any kind of 3rd party video card such as AJA or BlackMagic Design's DeckLink, reinstall their drivers.

    If you don't have any such card, you should probably try to rebuild your preferences (#9 above.)

  54. Anonymous

    >Jonas, Thank you it worked perfectly!


  55. Davo

    >I am having a big problem. I am installing AE CS3 on my macbook running OSX 10.6.2, and using safari. it instals fine, but it won't send the registration form due to there being "no connection" to the internet.
    any one know what might be causing this?

  56. shiva

    >hi am using aecs3.while rendering in quicktime formate sorenson 3 is not having.am using quicktime 7.How to get that plugin.

  57. CT!

    >Hey, thank you, guy!

    A three years old post and it saved my skin just right now, thanks to the "secret" trick, to prevent memory crash!

    Strangely, except for the moments the render stops to clear the cache, the rest of the render is faster than without the purge options.

    Thank you!

  58. Anonymous

    >Hello guys,

    Do you encounter errors while deleting files in Windows? I'm here to provide a solution. I've been reading several threads on this topic on different forums where computer users were asking about this popular error "The filename you specified is not valid or too long".

    My research helped me to find a tool for you guys.

    Its LONG PATH TOOL, a very easy to run but highly powerful software.

    Follow the link to read more about this error.


  59. Simone

    Hello to everyone,

    Mi problem is disconcerting!
    I run Adobe CS3 and in After effects cannot simply open fotocamera layer as well as Light layer, a pop-up message appear and say: “After Effects canot parse ò.9#. JL L5ò” any idea?

    Thanks for reply.