>Type Guru Blogs!

>I’ve left my old passion of typographic geekiness unpacked for almost a decade. Boring web consulting, unproductive broadband consulting and, for the last few years; broadcast graphics and visual effects, have made me almost forget the days when Patrick and I used to have Name-That-Typeface battles in downtown Stockholm. Those where the days…

Thanks to Photoshop developer John Nack’s blog, I just found out that an old favorite type designer Erik Spiekermann has his own blog. Also, here’s an interview with Spiekermann that brings you up to date on his old and new accomlishments.

2 Responses to >Type Guru Blogs!

  1. Andrew

    >That interview was a great read, really gives you some insight at how much time goes into good design, even at the smallest of levels.

  2. Anonymous

    >Those were the days… Not long ago i attended a typography seminar with two celibrated typeface designers. Take position in the front row of the lecture hall, based on my previous dedication to the topic at hand, turned out to be a mistake and the residue of the seminar was “way do people work so hard to craft another similar typface”. /Patrick