>Updated After Effects Troubleshooting Tips

>I just wanted to bump my own post about Troubleshooting After Effects since I’ve updated it with lots of new tips, links and even an quick illustration.

- Jonas

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  1. Fredrik

    >I tried your tutorial on enabling 3G of RAM for after effects but it didn’t work?

    Got this message…

    cnnot create C\:boot.ini file

    Make sure that the path and file name is correct.

    Of course I did that more then once to be sure but..no results.

    I’m stuck any sugesstions?



  2. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >You shouldn’t create that file, sine it should already be there in Windows XP (otherwise your system will not boot.)

    Instead, open the file C:\boot.ini (note the order of those characters: C colon backslash.)

    Make sure you know what you’re doing, if you have an older system you may experience problems with bad drivers that don’t like the /3GB switch.

  3. Anonymous

    >ey if i wanna do this (layer>new>camera) i get this error


    help please

  4. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Is this a temporary error? Does it go away if you restart AE? Does it happen every time you create a camera, or just in this project?

  5. I keep getting this error: After Effects error: crash occurred while invoking rendering plug-in “Advanced 3D”. I’m trying to use the vanishing point effect for a graduate showcase bumper but it keeps crashing upon rendering and it gives me the error above. Ideas?