>Watch and Embed YouTube Clips in High Quality

>The term “High Quality” has to be taken with a bucket of salt when we’re talking about YouTube, but there’s an easy way to at least lessen the compression artifacts, which is especially useful for full-screen viewing. Even a lot of clips that don’t have the “Watch in High Quality” link on the page actually exists in a less compressed version.

If you are watching the clip at YouTube.com, just add &fmt=18 at the end of the URL. The easiest way to do this is the create a bookmark in your browser’s toolbar. Just bookmark any site and then replace the URL of the bookmark’s Location with this simple JavaScript: javascript:window.location+=”&fmt=18″;
Every time you’re at YouTube you can just click the bookmark to see the clip with less compression (if it’s available, otherwise the standard clip will play.)

See the difference for yourself:

If you embed videos, you can do the same thing and even embed a larger version, but you have to append &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 to both URL’s in the code, plus change the sizes in both places to 480 by 360.

You can also watch YouTube videos with QuickTime embedded player if you’d like, and easily download the clips (if you have QuickTime Player Pro.)

- Jonas

Tip of the hat to My Digital Life and Tobias Lind.

5 Responses to >Watch and Embed YouTube Clips in High Quality

  1. Joacim Boive

    >Or U could just go to My Account / Account / Video Playback Quality and it’s handled automatically. At least at youtube.com.

    But the embedding tips are still good.


  2. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Good tip, Joacim!

  3. GSK

    >THANK YOU for this invaluable tip! I’ve immediately applied it to all our embeds on comictwist.com – a great improvement.

  4. Reshma

    >Thanks for all posting its really nice.


  5. Reshma