>What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there

>Stuck at home? Me too…

Here’s how to keep tabs on NAB. I’ll keep on updating the links as we go…

Basically, if you want the latest as it happens, get a Twitter.com account and follow the people below!

If you are actually at NAB, the nice people at fxguide.com has written an fxguided Tour: Getting the Most Out of NAB

Oh, if someone could please record this key-note, I’d be a happy camper.

What sites did I miss? Write a comment and I’ll add them…

- Jonas (also on Twitter since today)

Image by Clinton Steeds

2 Responses to >What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there

  1. Mel Matsuoka

    >I’m actually photo-Twittering the show floor on the Hawaii Final Cut Users Group twitter feed:


    I decided to keep the NAB stuff off my “personal” feed (“melorama”) because I remember how annoying Robert Scoble’s twitter feed was when he was in Davos for the World Economic Summit…every 5 minutes, he’d post a Tweet saying “hey, come watch my Qik video stream live from Davos!”

    I don’t have many friends to begin with, so I’d like to keep as many of my Twitter friends as possible :)


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