>What You Need to Know Before Installing any CS3 Applications


  1. Deactivate all previous CS3 versions
    If you’ve had any pre-release, public beta versions or if you’re simply reinstalling, make sure you open each program and choose “Deactivate…” from the Help menu.
    Note to Adobe: Please add an automatic “Deactive” feature to the installer. You’ll get sooo many support calls from people that forgot to deactivate.

  2. Backup all your data
    I know, I know; you keep all your files in a vault 400 feet below the bedrock. Great, just checking…
  3. Uninstall Apple Safari 3 beta
    It’s known to cause conflicts with the CS3 installers.
  4. Uninstall all CS3 beta versions
    You don’t want any of Adobe’s beta programs installed together with the officially released versions. Trust me on this. Please use the Adobe CS3Clean Script if you’ve had any of Adobe’s public beta CS3 versions installed on this machine.

    If you’re on Mac OS X, here’s another catch: you can’t just throw the program folder into the Trash. I repeat: you can’t just throw the program folder into the Trash. Instead, in your Applications/Utilities folder, you’ll find an uninstaller called (for example) Premiere Pro Setup that you must use to completely uninstall any CS3 program.

    UPDATE: If you are having problems running the CS3Clean script on Mac OS X (mine would just flash and close the CS3Clean.app without doing anything, make sure you are running it in super-admin mode by opening Terminal /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app and then paste this command followed by the Return key:
    cd /Volumes/maccs3clean/MacCS3Clean
    …and then this command followed by the Return key:
    sudo python ./CS3Clean.py
    Then enter your administrator password to start the cleaning script.
    Thanks to Mattias Werdenskog for the Unix skills required to pull this off!

  5. Defragment your harddrive
    It’s 2007, and CS3 applications are huge. The more contiguous space you can provide on your harddrive, the better, so I suggest you defragment before installation, even if you’re on OS X.
  6. Be patient, and don’t surf while installing
    Make sure you don’t need to use your computer for a while. Since the CS3 installers all use/modify the Flash plugin, you can’t have any web browsers open during the installation. And even if you can restart your browser while the installer is running in the background, it is not recommended at all. Just grab a coffee instead, OK?

Finally, if you still can’t get it to work, Adobe offers free installation support, check http://adobe.com/support/ for a local phone number.

I’ve also collected a bunch of steps to follow when troubleshooting After Effects.

Update: If the CS3 installer asks for CD 2 with the name of Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit2, the solution is to download this software, as described here.

- Jonas

2 Responses to >What You Need to Know Before Installing any CS3 Applications

  1. Lord-of-Mordor

    >Defragmenting the drive is good advice. Many users dont realize that. Even when working with older vanilla PS versions (I still have PS6 on one system), defragging the drive allocated to the scratch disk and my media library made a good bit of difference. Earlier I used to manually defrag with the windows defragger, but these days, I use Diskeeper Pro on the autodefrag setting so it defrags automatically in the background whenever required. No more defag hassles.

    Also, thats a useful tip on closing the browsers, easy to overlook this since browser windows are always open on most PCs. Something to keep in mind. But since I don’t like coffee, I’d rather grab some hot tea instead :p

  2. TootsieMonster

    >So, if you format your drive then install a new OS and then try to reinstall Adobe CS3 – how do you deactivate? Too funny, its says to go to the computer which you had it installed on and run deactivate … ;) – nice.